Our official site: http://acolytescommunity.com/

What began in 2004 as a dream by our Overlord, Redruum (Hieru), has burgeoned into an Empire in MMO gaming. Here we stand, risen from the ashes, Acolytes 2.0. Rise. Fall. Rise Again. That’s our motto. Through the ups and downs of the gaming culture we have survived into our next generation of the online gaming experience.

We have seen Divisions of the Acolytes in Age of Conan, Warhammer, Aion, Mortal Online and Rift. There have been many imitators and detractors along the way, but none have stood the test of time that the Acolytes have proudly displayed.

We look to the future of the Acolytes in Guild Wars 2 and the Elder Scrolls Online. We will bring our tenacity, our never say die attitudes and our undying faith to our Community to every game we touch. Haroo!

Acolytes Give Life. Acolytes Take Life. Acolytes For Life.

For more information regarding the community, register to our forums today and take a look for yourself. Contact one of our Division Leaders or Division Recruitment teams to join today.

For media relations and contact information and the history of the Acolytes, e-mail John “Hieru” S. or Brad “Cach” F. at qqmoar@the-acolytes.net

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